Nitishree ® Premium Birds Food for All Budgies and Parakeet | Daily Birds Food Seed Mix with Broken Cuttlefish Bone (2 kg)

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Premium Birds Food For Budgies, Daily Birds Food Seed Mix 100 Percent Natural And No Preservatives And Ingredients IMPORTED SEEDS: Several types of imported seeds and fully balance food for happy life for your birds. FARM FRESH: Natural & farm fresh seeds with double cleaned aroma seal pack BALANCED DIET: Right balance of mixtures which contains the rich source of carbohydrates & proteins UNIQUE SEED MIX:specially imported seeds which you may not find in the other seed mixes BETTER IMMUNE SYSTEM: Helps to maintain the good immune system for the birds which is mandatory for healthy & hygiene living.
Budgies food contains Imported Oats which is useful for good conditioning and breeding of Budgie
Small Birds is enriched with vitamins and minerals small birds need to support healthy skin and shiny feathers.
SMALL BIRDS: This nutrient-rich Nitishree food is ideal for canaries, parakeets, finches and other small birds.
Contains premium seeds small birds love, such as millet, flax seed and Nyjer seed.

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