Paxi Daya Mix Seed Bird Food | Seed Food for Birds / 900gms

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This food for birds with a high balanced nutritious diet. Each ingredient has been specifically chosen for its high energy content and to encourage the widest variety of birds into your garden. With food resources scarcer now, it is essential to feed garden birds all year round. Once you have started to feed the birds it is important to continue this and develop a routine as the birds will become reliant upon your help. It is best to have multiple feeding sites within the homes and garden to prevent overcrowding. Food for sparrows, silver, finches, munias, parakeets, parrots, budgies, grain, and seed-eating birds.
100% Natural & No Preservative
Best Quality Ingredients
Attracts: Sparrows, Pigeons, Doves, Finches & Small Parakeets

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